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ZKBioSecurity 3.0. Problem adding devices into software



To make the ZKBioSecurity find your device automatically, you will need to configure your device and server as follow.


First of all, you should take a look to next applications:
- Disable Windows firewall

- Disable Windows Defender

- Disable antivirus

To add devices into the software (not controllers), in the ADMS menu, set next:
- Same port that you are using in your software
- The ip address of your server


To add controllers into the software (not devices):

- Go to Access > Device > Search Device > Click on "Download Search Tools to Local Disk".

- In that new tool downloaded, click on the binoculars

- Modify the combos "Access Server IP Address" and "Access Server Port" with the same port that you are using in your software and the ip address of your server

- Power off and on the controller to get new confirguration


NOTE: The disable of the antivirus and firewall is just to ensure that any communication has been restricted by them. After having all the software running, activate antivirus and firewall and add the rules needed to make the software work again.

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