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We have a closure issue with one company (On another company it works fine)

When we run the closure, no entries are processed. However if we edit a punch in the 'Punch maintenance' and press accept it is processed and marked in blue.

What could be causing this?

Good afternoon,

Please, indicate us the complete version that appears in the Information menu of the software.

Maybe problem could be related with terminals. Check if in the correct company you have the terminals as "Access", "Attendance", "Mix of both". And configure it like that in the not working company.

Seems that you are trying to see punches from access, and listing attendance, or something similar.

Best regards

Dear customer,
This issue is due to the following things:
1. Employee status date. The system does not process the punches under an employee dismissed period.
2. Workday limits: The system does not process the punches outside the employee workday shift.
3. Preferences. The system does not process the punches that exceed the maximunn time between both of them.
Kind regards.

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