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How to configure GPRS communication setting on S922



  • Ensure the current SIM card already open GPRS function and have enough balance
  • Before insert the SIM card to device, pls remove and disable the pin code of the SIM card.



Configuration steps:

1.Menu->Comm.->TCP/IP,set the Gateway as

2. Menu->Comm.->MobileNet, take STC as example(the other operator pls refer to the appendix )


Access Num: *99***1#

User Name: guest

Link Pwd: guest

3. Menu->Comm.->WebserverSetup, set the IP/domain and port of the ADMS server

4.After configuration and save completely, pls restart the device.And u can see the signal strength indicator active,G icon and I icon turn to Green and with box, which means connect successfully.

Meanwhile, in the Menu->Comm.->MobileNet->MODEN Info

The status as “Connected”

And it will list the GPRS connectivelyinfo.



The GPRS Setting details info of the main operator in Saudi Arabia


Access Point Name (APN):

Username: guest

Password:  guest



Access point Name(APN):

Username:   wap

Password:   wap


Access Point Name(APN): web2

Username:    user

Password:    user


Note: Please inquire the corresponding opreator in your counrty and area about the GPRS Setting details info.  

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