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How to configure GPRS comm setting on facial device



  • Ensure the current SIM cardalready open GPRS function and have enough balance.
  • Before insert the SIM card todevice, please remove and disable the pin code ofthe SIM card. Otherwise, you will see the status as “SIMcard Locked” in the Menu->System information->


Configuration steps:

1. Menu->Comm.->TCP/IP,setthe Gateway as

2. Menu->Comm.->MobileNet, take STC as example(the other operator pls refer to the appendix )

APN Name:

Access Num: *99***1#

User Name: guest

Link Pwd: guest

3. After configuration and save completely, please restart the device. And you can see the signal strength indicator active,G icon and I icon turn to Green and with box, which means connect successfully.

Meanwhile, in the Menu->Systeminformation->

The status as “Connected”

And it will list the GPRS connectivelyinfo.


The GPRS indicator introduction

The GPRS Setting details info of the main operator in Saudi Arabia



Access Point Name (APN):

Username: guest

Password:  guest



Access point Name(APN):

Username:   wap

Password:   wap


Access Point Name(APN): web2

Username:    user

Password:    user


Note: Please inquire the corresponding opreator in your counrty and area about the GPRS Setting details info.  


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