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How to configure Wifi comm setting on facial device


  • Ensure the wireless router already configured and working properly

  • Ensure the wireless router have enough available IP address for the devices.

  • Before configure the device Wi-Fi connection, either manually configure IP or DHCP, ensure the IP address are different segment between Menu->Comm.->WiFi.

Configuration steps:

1. Menu->Comm.->WIFI->Available WLAN, your device will automatically search for the available Wi-Fi network, choose and enter the name of your desired Wi-Fi network.


2. Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network. You have two option to get the IP address.

      2.1 One is choose “DHCP”, your device is assignedan IP address automatically.

2.2 Another is choose “Manu”, if you choosemanually, enter the correct number in the IP Address, NetMask and Gateway field.

Note: Make sure the manual enter IPaddress is free, not used by other device.

3. After configuration and save completely, please restart the device.

And u can see the signal strength indicator active,W icon turn to Green and with box, which means connect successfully.

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