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How to connect ZKTime.Net to WDMS?

Once you install WDMS, ZKTime.Net and configure them well, please open the ZKTime.Net. 
1. In the ZKTime.Net software, click System > Config > Data Transfer Setting then go to following interface: 

Please find out the “WDMS Data Sync Setting” configuration. Input the WDMS server IP address and the communication port. 

We recommend you give your clients one easy to memory name. Keep ZKTime.Net software running, and open the WDMS web browser. 

2. in the WDMS web browser , please click Data > Client, then go to page: 

Here , you can check if your ZKTime clients` name appears here. 

3. add the clients to the zone. 
In the Data > Clients page, use the item check Box to select the UPK(clients name), then go to: 

You have to choose one certain synchronization zone, then the ZKTime.Net software can connect to add exchange data with WDMS.
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